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Restocking Murray Cod

The Renmark Paringa Landcare with Renmark Paringa Council, in partnership with RecFish SA, Berri Barmera
Council and the District Council of Loxton Waikerie will together release 75,000 cod fingerling into the river on Sunday 11 February 2018.

Each Council will release 25,000 fingerlings with the help of  10-15 volunteers.  Council is asking for members of the community to come forward and register with council to be a volunteer.  These volunteers will require a boat and esky which will be used to transport the fingerlings and be willing to travel (up or down river) to release fingerlings.  This means there will be approx. 1,666 – 2,500 fingerling person boat.

Councils is also looking for 2 volunteer coordinators who will not be required to have a boat but will ensure volunteers are checked in on the morning of our event, they have confirmed they have read the briefing notes and checked out after they have finished releasing fingerlings.

The RP Landcare promotes and supports volunteer groups toward the management of the natural environment in the Renmark region. The Riverland Ramsar Site is one of the significant sites within the Renmark Paringa Landcare boundary and there are many other important sites managed by the local community. RP Landcare attracts significant funding toward projects in the region and provides education programs to local schools and the community.

We recognise that in order to have a healthy natural environment, we must also have a healthy community and both the irrigation and horticultural industry must be supported toward a sustainable future.

At any time the RP Landcare Committee may have the opportunity for volunteers to be involved in the committee, programs and or projects.


 Cod Stocking Event - Volunteer Application Form


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