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Waikerie Ramco Recreation Grounds Committee

Council is seeking expressions of interest for members of the community to join the Waikerie Ramco Recreation Grounds Committee. If you are interested in being part of this committee please click below for further information.

Waikerie Ramco Recreation Grounds Committee 

The Waikerie Ramco Recreation Grounds Committee (WRRGC) is a newly formed Section 41 Committee of Council that assists the Council in the care control and management of council owned recreation grounds and facilities within the Waikerie and Ramco area and general surrounds, specifically to:

  • provide recommendations to Council for their long term strategic management and development
  • undertake the development and coordination of identified community projects
  • provide a conduit to Council for the community 

The WRRGC is now seeking expression of interest from the community to become committee members. Specific objectives of the committee include:

  1. Develop, review and recommend to Council an annual business plan outlining actions and measurable outcomes to the Committee purposes
  2. Preparation of a long term vegetation management and planting strategy for the areas within the management scope of the committee
  3. Preparation of a walking trail / bicycle trail(s) strategy
  4. Initiate proposals for the improvement of the amenity of the Waikerie Ramco area
  5. Develop a waterproofing / water saving strategy for the areas under the management of the committee
  6. Encourage and foster the continued history of community involvement in the presentation of the towns, including but not limited to the involvement of schools and other community based organizations in the development and ongoing management of identified areas.
  7. Consider other plans and strategies for complementary projects into the committee’s strategies (ie. Riverfront Development Masterplan Concept)
  8. Preparation and review of a long term development, management and rationalization strategy for playground facilities.
  9. Preparation and review of a long term management strategy for the recreation grounds and facilities under the management of the committee
  10. Preparation and review of strategies to enhance the visual appearance of all entrances to Waikerie and Ramco

 Council invites nominations from community members who are passionate about making a difference, who are well connected within the community, who may have also seen how communities can contribute, and have the demonstrated experience to find ways to work with others for agreed outcomes.

If you think you have the skills and experience to make a difference we encourage you to nominate for membership.

Nominations close no later than 5.00pm Wednesday 23 October 2019. Please access the nomination form from the below link;

WRRGC Nomination Form

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