District Council of

Loxton Waikerie

Driveway Access

Council approval must be obtained prior to the construction of a new, or alteration to an existing, driveway access, i.e. the section of driveway on council property between the property boundary and the kerb. If approved, the cost of any works will be the owner's responsibility.

Residents are required to inform and seek authorisation/approval from council for any new works within the road verge area including establishing a driveway. Once approved, the works are required to be carried out to council's specification.

Council will require the following:

How to get the Permit Forms

To obtain a permit for the construction or alteration of a driveway access, a permit application form must be completed by the property owner and the original form submitted to council for approval. No work is to commence on the driveway access until council has approved the permit application.

Permit forms are available online or from the Loxton or Waikerie offices.

Can council provide a quotation to construct/alter the driveway once the permit has been approved?

Council can provide a competitive written quotation for the construction of a new, or alteration to an existing, driveway access. Whilst council approval must be obtained prior to any construction, once approval is given, the resident is free to select a contractor to complete the work.

If you wish for council to provide a written quote, please indicate this using the check box on the permit form. Council staff will inspect the site and provide an indicative quotation, subject to a formal application.

What happens next?

Council staff will inspect the proposed site to confirm the viability of the proposal. If the proposal is approved, the application form will be returned to the resident. If the proposal is not approved, council will contact the resident to discuss council's concerns. Whilst some council's charge for this service, District Council of Loxton Waikerie does not.

Existing driveways

It is the owner's responsibility to maintain or replace their existing driveway if the condition of the driveway deteriorates to a state of disrepair. This also applies to crossovers that have no hard surface treatment, for example gravel or dirt crossover.

Public safety

The property owner must address public safety where necessary. Failure to do so may expose the owner/resident to potential public liability claims.

Please note:

Council may order the property owner to carry out specified work to construct, remove or repair a driveway at the property owner's expense. If the work is not carried out within a reasonable time, council may have the work carried out and recover the cost of the work from the property owner. Fines may also apply.

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