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Transfer Stations - Location & Opening Times

The Loxton, Waikerie and Moorook Waste Transfer Stations are available to take waste that can’t be disposed of in the kerbside collection.

Sort & Save fees apply at all transfer stations to encourage customers to sort their loads to assist with our recycling and reuse of waste but also to reinforce the recycling behaviours we are trying to encourage.


The Loxton and Waikerie Waste Transfer Stations will only be open until 12pm on days forecasted 40 degrees above according to the Elders weather website morning forecast. Members of the public are encouraged to check the forecast on days of extreme heat prior to visiting the transfer station.
All Waste Transfer Stations will be CLOSED on Public Holidays

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Council on (08) 8584 8000 (Loxton) or (08) 8541 0700 (Waikerie).

Loxton Waste Transfer Station Opening Hours

 Location: Lot 111 Mackey Road, Loxton

Tuesday 9am-12pm
Friday 10am-4pm
Saturday 9am-12pm
Sunday 1pm-4pm

Waikerie Waste Transfer Station Opening Hours

Location: 264 Maggea Road, Waikerie

Tuesday 1pm-4pm
Thursday 1pm-4pm
Saturday 1pm-4pm
Sunday 1pm-4pm

Please note: Waikerie Waste Transfer Station is open 9am to 12noon on days forecasted 40 degrees or above.

Moorook Waste Transfer Station Opening Hours

There will be no change to the operating times at the Moorook Waste Transfer Station on days forecasted 40 degrees and above.

Location: Section 454 Schenscher Road, Moorook

Saturday 1pm-4pm
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