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Commercial & Industrial Services

Council will not collect waste from business, commercial or industrial properties, schools or hospitals irrespective of location. The primary reason for this is that in most cases the volume, nature or type of waste produced by these types of properties will be greater than the service provided by Council can accommodate. That means that you will not be provided with the new bins when they are rolled out in December, nor will you be levied the annual waste charge.

All business, commercial or industrial properties, schools and hospitals will need to make their own arrangements for the collection and disposal of waste. Waste can be disposed of at Council's Waste Transfer Stations at Loxton, Waikerie and Moorook during their hours of operation.

The private waste collection contractor that operates within the region that can offer a service tailored to meet your waste generation needs eg.

Cleanaway - 8582 2601

In the event that you consider your business, commercial or industrial property, school or hospital waste volumes can be met within the capacity of Council's kerbside waste and recycling service as listed above, Council will provide you an opportunity to opt in to the Council provided service following an assessment of the volume, type and nature of your waste stream by Council.

The indicative cost of the Council provided service is $299 (3 bin service) and $235 (2 bin service) per annum charged quarterly on your rate's notice or as an annual fee for a business owner in rented premises.

If you consider your waste volumes can be managed via the Council service, please complete the "Opt in" application below and return to Council following which you will be contacted by a Council representative to review suitability.

Opt in Application Form

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