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Public Effluent Waste Disposal Points - RV Dump Points


Dump point operation

  1. 1.       Cartridge dump

Waste cartridge contents can be safely poured into the Dump-Ezy.


  1. 1.       Hose dump

On board waste can be dumped directly from the vehicle to the Dump-Ezy using a flexible hose. The drain is 150mm in diameter and can accept all hoses up to this size. To assist a single user, the lid can be closed to hold the hose.

  1. 2.       Wash down

Hose down the Dump-Ezy after each disposal to ensure all waste is washed down the sewer pipe, using the adjacent hose. This leaves the Dump-Ezy clean for the next user.

  1. 3.       Close lid

Once the wash down has been performed, close the lid to ensure the waste system is sealed.

Please be advised

It is an infringement to dispose of any other type of waste at this service point.

This facility has been installed for the exclusive use of caravan and recreational vehicle users. It’s a free service provided to encourage responsible and correct disposal of sewage waste contained in these vehicles.

This is a short term RV dump point and is not for overnight stays.

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