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Loxton Waikerie

Photo Promo

Are you an amateur photographer and have photos of our region you would like to share with your community?

Council would like to encourage local amateur photographers to submit their photos to use in the community's publications such as the Council's website, the Annual Report and publicity in relation to tourism.

You can simply upload each image and complete the form below.  Unfortunately only photos taken in the Loxton Waikerie district will be accepted and the focus will be on the following categories:

Please ensure you read the terms and conditions and feel free to contact Council on 8584 8008 if you have any further questions.

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Family Camping and Outings
Blockies, Cockies and Produce (Agriculture and Horticulture)
House Boating, Fishing and Out on the Water
Sporting Events and Outdoor Fun
Shopping and Dining
Back to Nature (Bush Walking, Scenic Shots, Nature Trails)
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Branch Office - Waikerie
Strangman Road
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Visitor Information Centres
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Phone 08 8584 8071
12911 Sturt Highway
Phone: 08 8541 2332
East Terrace
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Strangman Road
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