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Nippy's Loxton Gift 2016

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The 15th annual Nippy's Loxton Gift will be held on Saturday, 27 February 2016.  The event is usually a marvellous success for all concerned and large numbers of athletes are usually in attendance with many of them travelling long distances to compete.

The Nippy's Loxton Gift continues to grow in stature each year and is regarded as being second only to the Adelaide Bay Sheffield in SA and is rated among the top ten professional athletic meetings in Australia. The combination of the State’s top athletes, participation in various events by  both younger and older locals, the excellent running surface, the atmosphere created by the large crowd, the very efficient organizational and operating skills of the SA Athletic Committee, and the efforts of the hard working local volunteers, results in a very successful annual event.

Annual Program

Starting Time : 5:00 PM

Location : Loxton Oval

Cost : Admission Free

Final event at 10pm

2016 Loxton Schedule

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