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Loxton Waikerie

Waikerie Delivers Committee

Please note: Recommendations of Council committees are subject to endorsement by Council at the following ordinary meeting

February 6 2019
.pdf Waikerie Delivers Committee Agenda Agendas
.pdf Waikerie Delivers Committee Minutes

Formation of Committee

The Waikerie Delivers Committee was formed on 17 February 2017 and replaced the Waikerie District Community Committee.

Minutes and agendas of the previous committee can be viewed via the below link,

Waikerie District Community Committee


singleFileWaikerie Delivers Terms of Reference (TOR)

singleFileConflict of Interest Form - For Committee Members

Principal Office - Loxton
29 East Terrace
Phone: 08 8584 8000
Branch Office - Waikerie
Strangman Road
Phone: 08 8541 0700
Visitor Information Centres
On the Roundabout - Bookpurnong Terrace
Phone 08 8584 8071
12911 Sturt Highway
Phone: 08 8541 2332
East Terrace
Phone: 08 8584 8051
Strangman Road
Phone: 08 8541 0720