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Rate Capping Rebate Form - Generic

Application - Single Farm Enterprise

Postponement of Rates / Waiving of interest COVID-19 Conditions


Information and General Conditions

Burning Permit Application

Event Permit Application

Event Permit Guidelines

Event Permit Risk Assessment Template

General Permit Application

Limited Liquor License Notification Form

Outdoor Dining Permit Application

Venue Hire Application

Contractor Management

Preferred Contractor Pack


Development Application Form 2019-2020 Current

Demolition Proposal Application

Development Regulations 2008 - Declaration of Applicant

Powerline Declaration Form

Mandatory Notification Form - Class 1 to 9 Building

Mandatory Notification Form - Class 10 Building

Environmental Health

Application for On-Site Wastewater Works Approval

Food Business Notification Form

Dogs & Cats

Application to Keep More Than Two Dogs

Application to Keep More Than Two Cats

Application for Registration of Business involving Dogs

Application for Registration of Dog

Change of Registered Owner Application

Barking Dog Diary

Dog Attack Complaint Form

Nuisance Dog Complaint Form

Surrender of Cat to Council for Disposal

Surrender of Dog to Council for Disposal


Clearance Certificate for Restricted Access Vehicles - Application

Report a faulty Street Light

Undertake Work on Council Land


Cemetery Memorial - Application


Volunteer Application Form

Volunteer Activity Timesheet

Volunteer Personal Detail Update Form

Liquor Licence

Community Question Time Policy - Council Meetings with form

Community Assistance Acquittal Form

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