Obtaining a Liquor Licence

If you are unsure whether you need a licence , please confirm with Council or Consumer and Business Services before commencement.

Applicants are required to advise Council and SAPOL if they are applying for a liquor licence. Limited Liquor Licence Notification Form

If you are intending to host a party or organise an event (or a series of events) where liquor will be sold, you are required to obtain a liquor licence known as a limited licence.

This requirement applies even if your party or function will be held at a private venue. It includes parties/events where guests pay a cover charge and alcohol is provided. It also applies if you run a raffle or ask for any donation of money, even for charity.

It is an offence to sell liquor without holding a licence.

A limited licence may also be granted to an existing licensee seeking a temporary extension to trading rights under his or her current liquor licence. The licensee may be seeking an extension to a trading area, trading hours or to permit entertainment on premises not subject to an entertainment consent.

How to Apply for a Limited Licence

Applications for limited licences can be lodged online on the Consumer and Business Service’s website http://www.cbs.sa.gov.au/.