Refer to the Department of Home Affairs to obtain information about becoming a Citizen of Australia.

Obtain an application kit from your local Post Office or contact the Department of  Home Affairs at: Level 4, 55 Currie Street, Adelaide.

For help and support completing your application form please call the department on telephone: 131880

The Steps

Once you have received your letter from the Department of Home Affairs approving your Australian Citizenship, within six weeks your local Council will contact you to make arrangements to attend a citizenship ceremony.

Details about the Ceremony

The Australian Citizenship Ceremony is a formal occasion. The ceremony is a simple and dignified ceremony and candidates are invited to attend along with friends and family.

During the ceremony you will be asked to make a Pledge of Commitment in English in order for you to receive your Certificate of Australian Citizenship.

His Worship the Mayor, Leon Stasinowsky will conduct the ceremony.

Private Ceremony

If for any reason you are unable to attend a public ceremony we are happy to organize a private ceremony depending on the availability of the Mayor.

Some questions you may have:

Other than the ceremony please refer your questions to the Department of Home Affairs.