The Development Act requires people to notify council at certain stages during building work.

The notification of stages of building work (as specified on the building inspection notification notice issued at the time of development approval) requires one business day's notice.

The name of the licensed building work contractor, or the name of the person who is in charge of carrying out the building work, must also be provided to council at the time of each specified notification stage.

If construction commences and council has not received the building inspection notifications and details of the licensed building work contractor or supervisor as required, council is empowered to stop building work while the matter is rectified and could also issue fines or other orders as warranted against the person responsible for the work.

How can I notify council?

Notification during building work may be provided to council by:

In person - Leaving a written notice with an authorised officer of the council

By post - Posting details of the notification to council at PO Box 409, Loxton 5333

By email

Mandatory Notification Form - Class 1 to 9 Building

Mandatory Notification Form - Class 10 Building