In South Australia, policies relating to development are contained within statutory documents called Development Plans. Each local council has its own Development Plan.

The Loxton Waikerie Council Development Plan spells out the desired character for different parts of the council area designated as zones and policy areas.

The plan describes the types of development preferred in each zone and policy area, and the criteria against which development applications will be assessed. Other council-wide policies cover a range of social, environmental and economic matters.

The Development Plan may be viewed by visiting the following link or it can be viewed during normal business hours from the following offices:

District Council of Loxton Waikerie
29 East Terrace
Loxton SA 5333

Development Plan Amendments

A Development Plan Amendment (DPA) is prepared by the Minister or the council in order to amend the Development Plan.

A DPA sets out draft policies for public comment. The draft policies must be approved by the State Planning Minister before coming into effect as part of the authorised Development Plan.