Land division includes:

  • the division, subdivision or re-subdivision of land by Torrens Title, Community Title or Strata Title;
  • the alteration of the boundaries of land; and
  • leasing of a portion of an allotment which is vacant land or which contains a dwelling, and where the term of the lease is greater than 6 years including any right of renewal.
Lodging a Development Application for Land Division

If you wish to divide land, an application must be lodged with the Development Assessment Commission (DAC). To lodge a Development Application for Land division it is recommended that you contact a licensed Land Surveyor for assistance.

Development applications to councils

If the land division proposed relates to houses or units that you intend to build on the land, it is also recommended that you lodge a Development Application for that proposed development with the council prior to, or at least at the same time as, lodging an application for land division with the DAC. An application of this nature relating to the use of land demonstrates that the proposed allotments are of an appropriate size, shape and orientation to cater for their intended use.