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About the Project

The Waikerie CBD Revitalisation Project commenced at the July 2015 Council meeting when Council resolved to accept the Places for People funding of $25,000 to develop concept plans as well as create a working party to assist with developing the concept plans.

The project objective at the time was to develop an agreed framework and masterplan for the revitalisation of the main shopping district within Waikerie to facilitate:

  • Enhanced ability for people to be retained in the precinct through the provision of people focused public infrastructure, plantings and art
  • Improved visual amenity of the area
  • A distinct and greater pedestrian bias to create connections within the CBD and key town assets such as the Riverfront, Australia Post, Hospital, Library, Woolworths, etc
  • Create meeting places/spaces for people. Reduction of traffic within the precinct through identification of areas for nearby connected parking
  • A precinct that is safer and better access for young, old and mobility impaired using different transport modes like walking, bikes, wheel chair and prams
  • The ability to transform the precinct to conduct festivals and events
  • Increased pride and optimism within the trader and local communities through physical change to the CBD environment

A Working Group of Community Members and two Elected Members (Crs Webber & Quast) was formed and in April 2016 Oxigen were awarded the project to develop the Waikerie CBD Concept Plans.

The working group held meetings on 21 September 2015, 20 October 2015 and also had a stall at the Waikerie Markets on the 2 November 2015 seeking broader community input into the project.

Workshops were held with the working group on 26 May 2016 and 3 August 2016. At the workshop held on 3 August 2016 the working group unanimously endorsed the concept plans for Councils consideration.

Key Elements

Some of the key elements of the CBD Revitalisation Concept Plans were:

  • Tree planning to emphasis the main streets around the precinct connecting to entrances and the riverfront and to create shade and improve the amenity.
  • Undergrounding overhead power lines in Peake Terrace, White Street and Crush Terrace as well as Campbell Terrace/Promnitz Gardens.
  • Improving pavement and footpath surfaces and widths.
  • Improving street furniture and streetscape character through public art works etc.
  • Creating a plaza in Francis Street.

Subsequently, at Council’s September 2016 meeting the following was resolved:

That Council:

  1. 1.       Endorse the Waikerie CBD Revitalisation Concept Plans and Workshop Slides for community consultation.
  2. 2.       That the community consultation process be for a period of at least four (4) weeks and include:
  • Advertisements in the River News and on Council’s website and Facebook site
  • A display that will be present at the Waikerie Markets on Saturday 1 October and the  Waikerie Civic Centre for the remainder of the consultation period
  • Copies of the concept plans to be made available at Council’s offices for viewing.
  1. 3.       Distribute a media release to all local media promoting the Waikerie CBD Revitalisation Project and community consultation process.
  2. 4.       Acknowledge and congratulate the Waikerie CBD Revitalisation Working Group for their input and effort thus far in creating the concept plans.
  3. 5.       Invite members of the Waikerie CBD Revitalisation Working Group to assist at the display at the Waikerie Markets.
  4. 6.       Commence the process to submit an application for PLEC funding for the undergrounding of power lines in Crush Terrace, White Street, Peake Terrace and Campbell Terrace.
  5. 7.       Commence the process to submit an application for Places for People Funding for the implementation of the Waikerie CBD Revitalisation Project.
  6. 8.       Note that Arts SA Funding will be sought at a suitable time in the future to assist with the public art elements of the project.

Community Consultation

The community consultation period commenced on 19th September and concluded on 27th October 2016. The submissions received during this period contained a wide range of suggestions and comments however the main suggestions centred on:

  • Car parking and the potential loss of car parks
  • Opposition to the use of jacarandas as street trees
  • Improving the appearance of shop fronts and encouraging more businesses/shops
  • Traffic movement – some submissions indicated a preference for one way traffic in McCoy Street and others strongly oppose this idea (it should be noted the concept plans did not indicate any one way traffic movement in McCoy Street)

The Waikerie CBD Revitalisation Working Group met on 8th November 2016 to consider the submissions received. As a result it was recommend that

  • an extra note be included in the concept plans to indicate that one way movement of traffic is proposed for the plaza and that car parking will remain, albeit re-organised in this locality.
  • further community consultation occur with regard to the selection of species for street trees noting the general consensus was that jacarandas are not preferred. The priority for street trees is shade and an alternate proposal may be to have a variety of street trees as opposed to the original concept of having select avenues of specific trees.
  • the concept plans indicate the provision for shade at the off street car parks with the aim of encouraging more use of these car parking areas.

Council subsequently resolved the following at its November 2016 meeting:

Approve the Waikerie CBD Revitalisation Concept Plans with the following amendments:

  1. 1.       An additional note be included with regard to indicating one way traffic movement through the plaza on Francis Street and the retention of car parking.
  2. 2.       The provision for shade at the off street car parks with the aim of encouraging more use of these car parking areas.
  3. 3.       Undertake further community consultation with particular focus on the mix, location and selection of species of street trees through the CBD precinct.
  4. 4.       Formally dissolve the Waikerie CBD Revitalisation Working Group.
  5. 5.       Thank the members of the Waikerie CBD Revitalisation Working Group for their invaluable input and support in producing the concept plans for this project.

A further consultation period commenced on 18th January 2017 and closed on 8th February 2017. At Council’s February 2017 meeting the following was resolved:

That council:

1. Receive the report.

2. Resolves that the preferred street trees for the Waikerie CBD Revitalisation are the Crepe Myrtle, Turkey Oak and Japanese Pagoda and that the street trees are planted as avenues of the same tree.

3. Note the estimated costs for undergrounding power lines and that future prioritisation may be required to ensure works are within the project budget.

PLEC Funding

In response to Councils resolution in September 2016 Council staff have liaised with PLEC staff with the view of obtaining funding for the undergrounding of powerlines. A report was presented to the November 2017 Council where it was resolved:

That council seek information from the Waikerie Delivers Committee on if they would like council to pursue underground powerlines in Peake Terrace, Waikerie.

The Waikerie Delivers Committee met on 19th December and resolved the following:

That following a rigorous discussion the Committee recommends that Council lodge an application to PLEC to underground the power lines in Peake Terrace by use of the last $300,000 allocated for the CBD Revitalisation project.

Council subsequently endorsed this resolution at a Special Council meeting held on 21st December 2017.

The detailed designs for the undergrounding of powerlines in Peake Terrace revealed a cost estimate of $1,251,000 which is greater than the initial estimate. One of the reasons for the increased cost was the initial cost estimate did not include the powerlines past the football club and down to Kirby Street.

In June 2018 Council was advised that its funding submission was successful and the works to underground the powerlines in Peake Terrace will occur some time between January and June 2019.  

Council has allocated $417,000 in the 2018/19 Annual Business to complete the undergrounding of the powerlines.

Peake Terrace

The Waikerie CBD Revitalisation Plan nominated works on Peake Terrace  to  create a link between the riverfront and CBD to be the number one priority for the township.

Council has worked with design consultants to develop a design that meets intent of the CBD Revitalisation Plan.

Council has recently signed a deed with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure to undertake the work on the road.

The project will commence in 2020 and includes the following scope of works.

The installation of kerbing, landscaping, footpath, and raised median islands to or on Peake Terrace, as described below:

  • Realignment of the eastern kerb on Peake Terrace to narrow the southbound lane and relocation of on-street parking spaces
  • Installation of a solid median on Peake Terrace between Leonard Norman Drive and Rowe Street, including a reduction in the length of the existing right-turn storage lane to Leonard Norman Drive;
  • Modification to the existing median on Peake Terrace between Rowe Street and the roundabout, including infill of existing openings in the median;
  • Installation of a protuberance and pedestrian refuge on Peake Terrace south of the Rowe Street/Matthews Street intersection;
  • Installation of pedestrian refuge in the existing median north of the Peake Terrace/Leonard Norman Drive intersection;
  • Amendments to the protuberances at and near the roundabout, and realignment and widening of pedestrian refuges to suit amended pedestrian ramps;
  • Installation of concrete paver and spoon drain on McCoy Terrace and Goodchild Street on the approach to the roundabout;
  • Installation of new pavement markings;
  • Modification and removal of existing regulatory, direction and parking signage;
  • Installation of new plantings in median and along eastern side of Peake Terrace;
  • Modifications to the existing roundabout, including amended protuberances at and near the roundabout and removal of the existing left-turn slip lane from White Street to McCoy Street;
  • Construction of footpath along eastern side of Peake Terrace;
  • Installation of new street furniture; and installation of riverfront entrance signage at Leonard Norman Drive.
  • Installation of a new painted median strip on Rowe Street

It is expected that the works will be completed in the 2020 calendar year.

To view the artist impression of Peake Terrace, please click here.

Francis Street

The finalisation of detailed designs for the Francis Street Precinct has been a challenge however this has been due to trying to achieve the best outcome for all adjacent businesses and the community so whilst the process is taking more time than first envisaged it is important to work towards achieving an optimal outcome for all. To try to achieve the best outcome an extended scope of works was presented to Council in January 2018. The scope of works includes extending the one way section for the entire length of Francis Street and also includes:

  • Creating loading zones to facilitate safer loading and unloading of goods, especially for Foodland.
  • Creating 6 angled car parks at the Pflaum Terrace end of Francis Street
  • Retaining four angled car parks adjacent Foodland (currently there are 5) and removal of 2 parallel car parks adjacent Bank SA.
  • Relocating the entry/exit to the Council/Hotel car park from Francis Street to Pflaum Terrace.

At the January 2018 Council meeting the following was resolved:

1. Receive the report.

2. Endorse the change to the scope of works for the Francis Street Precinct of extending the one way section to include the entire length of the road subject to receiving formal support from all adjoining businesses.

3. Note the additional scope of works associated with the extension of the one way section including; the creating of the loading zones, the re-organisation of car parking in Francis Street and the relocation of the entry/exit to the council/Hotel car parking area.

Council has subsequently been working on the new scope of works and has been consulting with adjoining businesses.

Funding the Project

Council allocated $300,000 to commence implementation of the Waikerie CBD Revitalisation in it’s 2016/17 Annual Business Plan. A further $300,000 was allocated in 2017/18 and a further $417,000 was allocated in 2018/19. The $417,000 will fund Council’s contribution towards the undergrounding of Powerlines in Peake Terrace.

In addition to Council’s contribution the State Government through it’s Places for People Program have provided $600,000 and the Powerline Environment Committee (PLEC) Program has allocated $834,000.

Streetscape Improvements     $1,200,000
Undergrounding Powerlines  $1,251,000


The undergrounding of powerlines was completed in 2019 with the streetscape elements commencing early 2020 The final date for completion at this stage is December 2020.

Council Reports


Concept Plans


Consultation Documents

2016 September (2016 August) Concept Plan September 2016 Consultation Boards 
2016 October (2016 August) Workshop Presentation October 2016 Community Consultation Questionnaire 
2016 November (2017 August) Concept Parking Plan November 2016 Consultation Submissions Summary 
2017 February (2017 December) Francis Street - Potential Increased Scope January 2017 Tree List for Consultation 
2017 November (2017 February) Concept Plans - Drawing Set   
2017 October (2017 February) Concept Plans   

2018 January


(2018 July) Francis Street Engineering Plan (proposed loading bay)


2018 May