• Media Release
20th July 2020
The District Council of Loxton Waikerie will relocate its East Terrace office while remedial works are undertaken to rectify air quality issues within the former Institute building.

Independent testing has indicated the need for extensive works to remedy the high build-up of mould and spore level readings within the building.

DCLW Chief Executive Officer David Beaton said while these works were undertaken, the principal office would need to relocate.

“The safety of our staff and the community is crucial, which is why we have made this decision,” Mr Beaton said.

“The former Institute is an old building and in the past 10 years council has had three insurance claims for water damage.

“This damage has clearly had longer-lasting effects on the building which is now causing respiratory concerns for several staff members.

“Staff using the affected offices have already in the meantime been moved either to work from home, to another site or the Council chamber.

“This is not a long-term solution though, and staff and the community cannot remain in this building while extensive renovation works are undertaken.”

At Friday’s monthly Council meeting, elected members passed the motion to lease 35 Bookpurnong Terrace, Loxton (the building currently housing the Loxton Findex office).

The lease is set at $45,000 per annum, while up to $400,000 has been allocated towards any capital improvements that need to be made to the building to ensure its suitability as a Council office.

Mr Beaton said remediation works to the Institute building would likely be lengthy and costly. Therefore, council would sign a five-year lease for the Bookpurnong Road building, with the option to extend a further two years.

‘The East Terrace council office and chambers is a heritage listed building; this includes not just the facade, but the whole site,” Mr Beaton said.

“This complicates the options to be worked through, the approval process and finally the cost of the work to be undertaken.

“This process could take several years to completion due to the restrictions on the building and the site.

“The Institute is a part of Loxton’s history and has been a feature of the East Terrace streetscape for over a century, most recently as the home of the council’s offices and chamber.

“That’s why these remediation works are so important, as they will ensure the building is suitable for use well into the future.”

Council is awaiting results from an insurance claim, which will offset the remediation costs.

Media Release - Council relocates its Loxton Office