Loxton was originally known as Loxton's Hut on account of a primitive pine and pug hut built on the riverbank by a boundary rider during the 1880's when graziers were pushing into the district.  Initially a farming and grazing area, it is now a thriving irrigation town with a War Service Land Settlement irrigation.

Waikerie was the first of the large irrigated areas into the Riverland.  Originally settled in 1894 as a Village Settlement, along with Holder Settlement just upstream and Ramco Settlement just downstream, when its first settlers arrived by paddle-steamer.

'Waikerie' is said to mean 'many wings', after the giant swift moth "wei kari", the name given by the original indigenous community.  Its an appropriate name, considering the teeming birds of the lagoons and wetlands that edge the river.

In 1960 and 1961 the Waikerie Irrigation Lands Extension Committee working as a non  profit company developed from what was farming land and virgin scrub, irrigation land (to the south and to the northwest of Ramco) now called Golden Heights and Sunlands.