LW2020 Initiative

LW2020 is part of Council’s framework and response to addressing the challenge of tightening financial landscapes and setting relevant, proactive and robust foundations for the Council to embrace change and opportunities into the future.  LW2020 underpins Council’s journey by focusing on continuous improvement, innovation, becoming a high performing organisation and striving for organisational sustainability.

LW2020 has four overarching aspects:

LW2020 - lw_future_whole_grid


Planning is fundamental to the success of an organisation.  Plans, strategies and goals when implemented appropriately provide direction, consistency, accountability and transparent decision making.

There is also a requirement under section 122 of the Local Government Act that Councils must have a strategic plan.  After rigorous community consultation and planning the Council’s strategic blueprint for 2015 -2020 is LW Future.  Read it here LWFuture


The internal focus of the LW2020 initiative is an inward looking approach that seeks to consider the most important asset of any organisation – its people.  The strategy focuses on how we can better engage, align, support and develop our staff and leaders.  It has already resulted in the formation of  core values for the Council as well as an implementation plan to ensure we focus on improving our culture, become a high performance and values based organisation and improve our strategic human resource management through workforce planning, strong WHS focus and leadership skills.


Council currently provides approximately 80 distinct services and within these services, 250 activities – ranging from maintaining ovals, playgrounds and recreation areas, swimming pools, libraries, community events, immunisation and animal management  - just to name a few.

Organisational sustainability is about delivering services in the most efficient and effective way and being relevant to the community.  Council is embarking on a review of all services – defining the scope and required level of service, devising a baseline and developing improvement opportunities.


Clearly communicated goals both internally and externally – delivered in ways to reach as many stakeholders as possible – continuously assessing the performance of council and defining job roles and performance management of staff, and increased community input into the formulation of plans and projects.  LW Unity strives to find better methods of communicating what Council is doing to maintain transparency and probity in its decisions and planning, and for greater community input in determining the interests and welfare of people and groups within our community.