Council Meetings are held on the third (3rd) Friday of each month, commencing at 9:00am and held (alternating months) in the Loxton Research Centre or Waikerie Council Chambers (entry via the front counter / customer service desk):

Loxton Research Centre - Bookpurnong Road, Loxton

Waikerie Council Chambers - Strangman Road, Waikerie

Council Meeting arrangements during COVID-19

Council meetings will be live streamed during the COVID-19 pandemic for the public to view from the comfort of their own home.

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Council Meeting Dates - 2020
  • 21 January (Loxton)
  • 21 February (Waikerie)
  • 20 March (Loxton) *Change of venue - The March Council meeting will be held at the Loxton Council Chambers, East Terrace, Loxton SA 5333
  • 17 April (Waikerie)
  • 15 May (Loxton)
  • 19 June (Waikerie)
  • 17 July (Loxton)
  • 21 August (Waikerie)
  • 18 September (Loxton)
  • 16 October (Waikerie)
  • 20 November (Loxton) - postponed due to lack of quorum. The meeting will be held Friday 27 November 2020.
  • 18 December (Waikerie)
Meeting Procedures

Meetings are conducted in accordance with legislation.  The opinion of the meeting must be expressed in the form of a resolution which is decided by a majority of votes of the members present at the meeting.  The Council can not make a decision, or form an opinion, unless it is done by resolution.

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Council Committees

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Register - Excerpts from Council Members' Register of Interests