Boat Ramps located in our Council area:
  • Waikerie Apex Park Boat Ramp
  • Waikerie Lions Park Boat Ramp
  • Qualco Boat Ramp
  • Ramco Boat Ramp
  • Holder Boat Ramp
  • Paisley Boat Ramp
  • Kingston on Murray Boat Ramp
  • Moorook Boat Ramp
  • Loxton Aquatic Club Boat Ramp
  • Milich Landing Boat Ramp
  • Rilli Reserve Boat Ramp
Boating & Rivefront Facilities Plan

The District Council of Loxton Waikerie recognises the importance of boating and riverfront facilities for its community and visitors to the region.

The provision of high quality infrastructure, facilities and access to the River Murray for recreational boating enthusiasts is imperative with regard to the region’s tourism attraction, environmental protection and community well being.

The purpose of this plan is to prioritise future boating and riverfront facility projects throughout the Council area so that further applications can be made through South Australian Boating Facility Advisory Committee for additional funding.

The plan has been categorised into three sections:

  • Boat Ramp & Ancillary Facilities
  • Riverfront Facilities
  • Houseboat Facilities

Boating & Riverfront Facilities Plan 2019-2024

Further information regarding location of boat ramps throughout South Australia is available from the following link:

Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure

Other sites which provide information of interest related to boating and marine users are listed below:

SA Government Website