Why have Dry Areas?

Dry Zones play an important role in the District Council of Loxton Waikerie. A 'Dry Area' or 'Dry Zone' is an area where the consumption of alcohol or possession of open containers of alcohol is prohibited. This applies even if you are just moving through a Dry Zone. Possession of alcohol in an open container does not take account of whether the alcohol is being consumed or not. A person can possess alcohol (e.g. a carton of beer, a bottle of wine or alcohol in an esky) in a Dry Zone provided the container is unopened.

The purpose of a Dry Area is to minimise any potential risk, or negative impact to the amenity of a public area, caused by anti-social behavior that’s associated with excessive alcohol consumption.

Dry Areas raise awareness amongst all community members that drinking to excess in public is not a socially acceptable activity. Local residents and visitors alike need to be aware that the District Council of Loxton Waikerie is a proactive, socially responsible and family friendly community.

Where are the Dry Zone Areas?

There are three (3) different Dry Zone areas within the Council area, these are located to:

  1. Loxton - Area 1 includes East Terrace (Loxton Dry Zone Area Map).  This Dry zone is in effect 24 hours per day all year round.
  2. Loxton – Area 2, 3 and 4 includes either side of East Terrace township and Bookpurnong Terrace from the roundabout to Railway Terrace and including the Cross of Sacrifice and Pioneer playground area  (Loxton Dry Zone Area Map).  This Dry zone is in effect from 10pm-6am all year round.
  3. Waikerie township & surrounding areas including the riverfront (Waikerie Dry Zone Area Map). This Dry zone is in effect from 10pm-8am all year round.
How do I know if I am in a Dry Zone?

Dry Zones are marked with specific signs, as per example below.


What penalties apply for breaching a Dry Area?

A person who consumes alcohol or has possession of opened containers of alcohol in a Dry

Area between 10.00pm and 6.00am (Loxton), between 10.00pm and 8.00am (Waikerie) or anytime within a 24 hour time period (East Terrace Loxton) is guilty of an offence. The offence carries a maximum penalty and offenders are usually issued with an expiation notice plus payment of a Victims of Crime Levy.

Who monitors the Dry Areas?

SA Police will monitor the Dry Areas. They should be contacted on all matters relating to the Dry Areas by phoning 13 14 44.

If I live or work within a designated Dry Zone area, can I consume alcohol or possess an open container of alcohol on my own property?

Yes. Rules for Dry Areas only apply to public places.

Can permission be gained to hold an event involving alcohol in a Dry Zone areas?

A permit can be sought from the District Council of Loxton Waikerie to hold an event in a public place within a Dry Area. Permission should be sought approx. three months in advance of the event. Any permit issued may specify certain conditions under which the event can occur, such as the starting time. You will also need to apply to the Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner for a Limited Liquor Licence if the function is being held with the designated Dry Area times.

Can alcohol be consumed in a privately-owned vehicle in the Dry Zone Areas?

A person is not permitted to consume alcohol or possess an opened container of alcohol in a privately-owned vehicle within a Dry Area.

More information on Dry Areas may be obtained from the website of the Consumer and Business Service - Dry Areas in South Australia.