Lost & Found Dogs

Council encourages residents to call the after hours service on 8584 8000 with regards to any enquiries about lost dogs or reports of found dogs. Our after hours service will contact the on call General Inspector to attend to these issues.

Animal Management Plan 2019-2024

These Good Dog info sheets will give you top tips on being a responsible owner:


All Dog and Cat registrations are managed through the Dog and Cat Management Board, information regarding registrations and renewals can be found at Dogs and Cats Online.

All dogs over the age of THREE MONTHS must be registered.

The Dog & Cat Management Act stipulates the fees for the registration of dogs.

A full list of fees and charges are available here.

All Dog Registrations expire on 30 June each year. Failure to renew dog registrations by 31 August will incur a late fee.

How to renew your dog or cat registration

The following Penalties may be imposed on dog owners for offences committed under the Act :-

Failure to notify change of address or death of a dog
Owning or keeping an unregistered dog
A dog wandering at large
Unrestrained dog on ute
A dog chasing a vehicle
Barking Dog
Failure to pick up after dog
Failure to comply with a control order
A dog attacking or harassing any person, animal or bird

If you wish to surrender your dog to the custody of the District Council of Loxton Waikerie, you will need to complete an Release Form and pay the required fee.


It is recommended that Cat Owners identify their cats with a collar with the owner's name and phone number indelibly inscribed thereon.

Cat owners may also identify their cats by having a silicone chip implanted by a veterinary surgeon.

Any unidentified cat found wandering on a person's property could be removed by an authorised person and destroyed.

A person must not, without reasonable excuse, interfere with or remove the means by which the cat is identified as set out in the regulations. Maximum penalty - $5,000.

It is an offence for any person other than an authorised person to destroy a cat if that cat is found less than 1km from another dwelling - Penalty $4,000.